Lost In The Pacific

֣Sebastian Mikael airia andrew K

ݳSebastian Mikaelfeat.Airia/Andrew K
Verse 1
Im just tryn a make it
These haters they cannot take it
Cold heart cold world
Emotionally vacant
So scared to die alone but that's the only way to go
So I just keep it pushin I'll just stick with what I know
Girls I ain't trustin em as hard as I be lustin em
Boys still Ponocio lyin with a broken nose
Feel like been through it all you don't know how hard it was
You were never there you at the bottom where I started from
I had to be my biggest fan to make myself a stronger man
But it's like this wall I built gave me such a lonely feel
No one left to keep it real
No one there to share this meal
No one in the battle field to help me deal with my ordeals
Swimming tryn a get it knowin nobody is witch ya
Only one with the vision to visualize the picture
Mirages in the distance are the only ones to listen
Lost in the pacific with a my life jacket missing
Got a Lonely heart
You see, these scars
Tell a story now
A story how
I once was lost
Now I know my call
No more looking back
Looking back
Verse 2
Different strokes for different folks I'm getting low
Breezing through the Sharks And the snakes deep in the great below
I know they want my heart that is more than what I can give to loan
Make it the top and it's true when they say your there alone
Ain't no stopping me when it settles in
Survival is for need not for greed
My Machiavellian
I must do it by any means is what I'm tellin em
All I seem have are these dreams that's what Im sellin em
Just need someone to believe
And I ain't failin em
Really I just wanna be free like a rebellion
And if I see my cohort you know it's not for sport
He gotta eat like i gotta eat but only one can leave the court
I won't let you stunt my growth I won't ever come up short
Made it to the promise land enemies is at the shore.
But Mirages in the distance are the only ones to listen
I'm just Lost in the pacific with a my life jacket missing


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